an introduction

an introduction

Hi Angels,

We wanted to create an open journal for the "Modern Woman," someone who may be needing motivation, guidance, or a friend to support them in life. This day & age we try to curate a perfect image to put out into the world- we edit our faces & filter our personalities; anxious of what others will think of us. We started this blog to remind you that this is YOUR life.

You are the artist of your own story, stop handing your brushes away. 

Who is the MODERN WOMAN? She is feminine AND strong. She lives in the present, she is empowered. She nurtures her authentic self. She is confident, intelligent, & curious. She asks, challenges, and stands up for herself and others. She is whoever she wants to be, not who the world tells her to be. The world has a million expectations for her & sometimes it can be hard to juggle every role.

Speak gently, love truly, laugh often, work hard, expect less, be present, stay honest, & be true to yourself. Be kind to others & do random acts of kindness. You only get one life; Live this one as YOURSELF. 

Think of us as a MUSE, a SISTER, a SOURCE OF INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION, & SUPPORT. Don’t get us wrong, we are not perfect either. We don't know everything, but we promise to work daily to be the best versions of ourselves & share what we learn along the way.

We are going to be sharing every part of our lives with you; self-care, products & brands we love, work, travel, inspo, boy advice, & really any area we feel like you guys could be interested in. Please feel free to leave comments & interact with our page to let us know anything you love or would like to see more of. We hope you come along with us on this journey, we are committed to helping you grow into the angel you are. ʚ♡ɞ

Sincerely, A Modern Angel. 

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