Breast Cancer awareness

October 2023

We are excited to share that Modern Angel is partnering with the Breast Cancer Organization, I Am One Of Eight. I Am 1 of 8 is a Dallas based breast cancer organization founded by breast cancer survivor Beverly Williams. 1 in Every 8 Women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Think of all the amazing women in your life and do the math.

This October, join us to raise more than awareness as we take action to help women who need our support.

Modern Angel x I Am 1 of 8

Donations & Support

50% of all T-Shirt sales will be donated to I Am 1 of 8's Organization to raise awareness & support for breast cancer patients and survivors. Every dollar goes towards one of these vital areas:

Donation Focus Areas:

  1. Research & Development 
  2. Nutritional Care & Counseling 
  3. Financial Care Fund 
  4. Civic Education 
  5. Transportation Assistance
  6. Preventative Health Care
  7. Medical Massage Therapy  

This October, join us to raise more than awareness as we take action to help women who need our support.

About Us & Our Mission Together
About Us & Our Mission Together

Beverly's Story

In 2018 Beverly was diagnosed with breast cancer. She endured 16 rounds of chemo, surgery, 20 rounds of radiation & 6 months of an oral chemo pill as preventative measures.

September 26, 2019 she celebrated her 1st year of survivorship. Meaning this September she got to celebrate her 5 year anniversary!

“Breast cancer has truly changed my life in many positive ways. I did not choose breast cancer, it chose me. Therefore, I choose to spend the rest of my life bringing awareness and support to others who are going through this disease.”

Thank you - Founder & Breast Cancer Survivor Beverly Williams
About Us & Our Mission Together

Modern Angel began with the vision of creating a brand that represents our new generation of women. Our brand isn’t solely a collection of products, it’s a community. We made a commitment to support & give back to others with our brand. These T-Shirts are just the beginning of what we hope to do with our company.

Thank you for your support angels <3 - Modern Angel Founders Kayla & Brenda